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Indian School of Hospitality (ISH), recognized for its innovative approach to hospitality education announced the launch of its creative "Career LEAP' Programme. Supporting this contemporary initiative, Marriott International, a global leader in hospitality will help provide On-the-Job- Training (OJT) support, transforming the journey from education to professional achievement in the hospitality industry. The Career LEAP Programme (CLP) for Young Professionals, marks a significant step in merging academic excellence with practical professional development. The CLP is founded on Leadership, Excellence, Aspiration, and Professionalism (LEAP) principles, embodying our commitment to developing the next generation of hospitality professionals. It represents a strategic move towards equipping future hospitality professionals with the skills and experience needed for a successful career in this dynamic sector.

Marriott International has committed to providing 36 pre-placement offers (PPOs) accompanied by a clearly defined career trajectory to ISH postgraduates at the selection level, signifying a robust start to their career journey. Following this, the CLP offers a comprehensive pathway for career advancement, combining a six-month academic curriculum at the ISH Gurugram campus with a six-month On-the-Job Training (OJT) experience with Marriott International. This dual approach is designed to prepare students for the dynamic challenges of the hospitality industry and ensure the practical application of their skills.

Upon completing the CLP and passing their Marriott assessments post-OJT, students will earn the ISH Postgraduate Programme Certification in alliance with Les Roches. This achievement opens doors to full-time employment in sales, revenue, and culinary management roles within Marriott International hotels in India. Additionally, the certification provides students the opportunity to further their education by using their PGP credits to pursue a Master's or MBA at Les Roches in Switzerland or Spain, thereby enhancing their professional and academic journey with advanced studies and gaining Les Roches Alumni status.

"In forging this partnership with Marriott International, we're opening a broader horizon for our students, expanding traditional education boundaries. The Career LEAP Programme doesn't just educate; it propels the next generation of hospitality professionals into a world of global opportunities, professional growth, and career readiness," stated Mr. Kunal Vasudeva - Co-Founder & Managing Director - Indian School of Hospitality. "This initiative is pivotal in broadening the scope of hospitality education, inviting a wider audience of students to explore and excel in this vibrant industry. It announces a new era for graduate employment programs, addressing the immediate need for quality talent within the hospitality sector and shaping the blueprint for future education-to-employment pathways."

Echoing his sentiments, Ms. Ranju Alex- Area Vice President- South Asia, Marriott International commented-"We are delighted to support this initiative introduced by the Indian School of Hospitality. This program holds immense potential as a launching pad for students seeking to embark on and progress in their careers within the ever-evolving hospitality sector. The Career Leap Programme boasts a curriculum meticulously crafted to meet the demands of the contemporary hospitality landscape. Marriott International prides itself on its depth and diversity of talent, believes in the importance of training and value of upskilling, and is honored to help the next generation of hospitality leaders hone their skills and achieve their full potential".

This landmark partnership between the Indian School of Hospitality and Marriott International signifies a groundbreaking step forward in bridging the gap between academic excellence and industry demands. The Career LEAP Programme aims to cultivate the next generation of hospitality professionals equipped to navigate and excel in a rapidly evolving global industry by fostering a unique learning and professional development ecosystem. Together, ISH and Marriott International are setting new benchmarks for hospitality education, ensuring that graduates are ready to meet the challenges of today and are future-proofed for tomorrow's opportunities.


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