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Is NewsBoosters a “News Portal”?

We are not a news site – in that we do not author the news items in our website. They are uploaded by users – their own “news stories” or stories they find elsewhere in the media. We are not a “news site” but a “site for highlighting socially relevant news”

 How was the idea of NewsBoosters born?

News Boosters was born out of the frustration of one of the founders to get a story out in the media and the operational knowledge of the other founder about media and news based websites. Please see “About us” for more details.

 With so many news portals around, what is the need for another “news” site.

It is our belief that there are many socially relevant issues and stories which often are lost in the pile of news that’s out there or worse still, don’t even get published. It is to bring such stories to the limelight that the portal NewsBoosters was made. Please join us in our effort to highlight the various ills plaguing our society and bring more transparency to society’s proceedings.

 Is Newsboosters yet another crowd-sourced news site?

It is indeed crowd sourced, but NewsBoosters is not for any random news that happens on the roads and trains in India. It is more about burning issues and then channeling the stories to the people who are most interested in such stories and/or are in the best position to do something about such news.

 Do you feature all kinds of news stories?

See above. Whereas anyone can upload any kind of story, we typically look forward to news stories that show some kind of social issue – discrimination, women’s safety, student or education related issues, minority issues, corruption in society etc. We then encourage our readers to discuss and share on social networks.

 What are the main sources of the news featured on your site?

NewsBoosters encourages users to upload their own stories about issues, discrimination, etc that they faced in society. They can also copy-paste “issues” based news from elsewhere on our website, where it will eventually be grouped by category and channeled to people who have interests in such issues. Every news item uploaded is first approved by our team, before it goes public.

 What guarantee of Authenticity do you provide for the news items.

NewsBoosters does not publish any news of its own or make authorship claims of the news items on our site. They are uploaded by the user, whose names and emails are displayed publicly and who check a box, giving us their guarantee that the contents posted are authentic to the best of their knowledge. From our side, we disallow libelous, racist, sexist, pornographic and other such objectionable content from being published. Users can also flag any news upload that looks suspicious or is in some way objectionable. With your co-operation , we can keep Newsbosters, clean and also useful to society.

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