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CHIREC International School, Hyderabad, supported by Chartwells - Compass Group India, created a new benchmark and is delighted to receive the Eat Right Campus (ERC) Certification authorised by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). This certification reflects CHIREC International School and Chartwells' unwavering commitment to providing safe, nutritious, and high-quality meals to the students and staff at CHIREC International School.

The ERC certification recognises educational institutions that prioritise food safety, hygiene, and the overall well-being of their stakeholders. CHIREC International School, known for maintaining the highest education standards, further solidifies its position for the holistic development and health of its students with this ERC certification.

Mr. Vikas Chawla, Managing Director at Compass Group India, expressed his enthusiasm about the achievement and stated, "Providing fresh, high-quality and balanced food for students and staff in school is very close to our hearts. We are honoured to partner with CHIREC since 2018, where the health and wellness of all stakeholders is a priority. Right from high-quality sourcing to health, safety, environment and quality processes (HSEQ) across the value chain to meticulous staff training, balanced menu planning, and technology-driven interventions, we follow global best practices. The prestigious ERC certification is a validation of that commitment."

Chartwells by Compass Group India and CHIREC International School remain dedicated to nurturing a culture of health and wellness, and the ERC Certification marks a significant milestone in their shared journey towards providing a safe and nutritious dining experience.

Mrs. Susan Bird, Director of Operations at CHIREC International School, commented, "We, at CHIREC International School, believe that fostering a culture of health and wellness where nutritious meals fuel the learning and well-being of students is essential. Receiving the Eat Right Campus certification authorized by FSSAI is a testament to this belief. Together with Compass Group India, CHIREC is committed to continuously innovate and contribute to the holistic development of every student."

Key highlights of the ERC Certification at CHIREC International School:

- Adherence to Stringent Food Safety Standards: Together with Chartwells, CHIREC has implemented robust food safety measures, ensuring that all meals served at CHIREC International School meet the highest standards set by FSSAI.

- Nutrient-Rich Menus: The food menus curated by Chartwells are designed to provide balanced and nutritious meals, promoting the overall health and well-being of the students.

- Hygienic Food Preparation: Chartwells follows stringent hygiene practices in the preparation and serving of meals, ensuring the highest levels of cleanliness and safety.


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