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Travel Buddy, a new-age social travel network and experiences marketplace, is thrilled to announce its latest offering: an immersive journey into the grandeur of Mysuru Dasara from 23 to 24 Oct. This vibrant and culturally rich festival, celebrated in the heart of Karnataka, promises an unforgettable ten-day extravaganza, usually takes place in the months of September or October, culminating on the day of Vijayadashami.

Mysuru Dasara is renowned worldwide for its opulence and cultural significance, paying homage to the city's rich history and heritage.

Speaking on this, Mr. Saurav Chakraborty, Founder, and CEO of Travel Buddy, said - Travel Buddy is on a journey to redefine how travellers experience destinations and their localised culture. We empower, both, explorers and locals to foster meaningful interactions and authentic experiences. At Travel Buddy, we're all about transforming your travel experiences into unforgettable adventures. For us, travel isn't just about ticking off destinations from your bucket list; it's about immersing you in the rich tapestry of local culture and traditions. Our Mysuru Dasara experience is a perfect reflection of our core beliefs.

Travel Buddy specializes in providing an array of city experiences. From heritage walks in Old Delhi to Hot Air Balloon adventures in Gandhinagar, food explorations in Kolkata and Varanasi, and thrilling activities such as rock climbing in Rishikesh and sand dune excursions in Jaisalmer. Additionally, we offer treks to destinations near major cities like Kasol-Kheerganga, Roopkund, Chopta, and the captivating reverse waterfall in Satara.

The Mysuru Dasara experience with Travel Buddy includes witnessing the awe-inspiring spectacle of elaborately adorned elephants parading through the city streets, immersing yourself in the vibrant culture of Karnataka with traditional music and dance performances, exploring the resplendent Mysore Palace illuminated with thousands of lights, and being enchanted by a breathtaking display of fireworks that lights up the night sky.

Travelers are increasingly drawn to unique and authentic experiences because they offer a departure from the ordinary and a deeper connection to the places they visit. In an era of mass tourism and globalized destinations, seeking authenticity allows travelers to escape overcrowded attractions and discover hidden gems that provide a more genuine and memorable encounter with local cultures and traditions. These experiences foster personal growth, challenge comfort zones, and provide compelling stories to share, enhancing the overall value of a trip.


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