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Source Sanjay Shah

Noida, May 23, 2023 – The AAFT Festival of Short Digital Films, organized by the Asian Academy of Film & Television (AAFT), is set to mark another milestone with its 115th edition on May 27th, 2023. This prestigious festival, led by renowned film personality Sandeep Marwah, has gained global recognition for its consistent celebration of emerging talent in the world of short films.

Sandeep Marwah, who recently received an award for completing the 114th edition of the festival, expressed his excitement about the upcoming event. “It is the age of short films, and they are truly making wonders in the world of cinema,” he stated. “The festival has provided a unique platform for 3000 directors and 12000 technicians to showcase their debut films, making it a remarkable record.”

The 115th AAFT Festival of Short Digital Films will feature a curated selection of films created by the talented young filmmakers from the 114th batch of AAFT. These short films encapsulate compelling narratives and demonstrate the power of storytelling within a limited timeframe.

As the festival continues to champion the significance of short films, it remains committed to discovering and promoting emerging filmmakers who possess a knack for concise and impactful storytelling. The event promises to be an enthralling celebration of creativity and cinematic talent.



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