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Nutrition during the first 1,000 days of a child’s life has a profound impact on how their overall health, growth and cognitive abilities develop. Little Spoon offers a unique solution for parents who want to feed their babies food that helps set a solid foundation during this critical time period.

Little Spoonis an service providing nutritious baby food blends right to their customers’ doorsteps. The service gives parents theability to customize a meal plan for their child. 

The plan, aptly called Blueprint, takes into account various factors like the child’s age, birth history, specific food allergies and developmental history to suggest a personalized meal plan that fits the child’s nutritional requirements. The plan evolves with the child and can be adjusted as the baby achieves different developmental milestones. 

“Blueprint was developed in partnership with a team of medical experts and nutritional advisors. Each baby food blend was crafted with the right balance of healthy fats, proteins, calcium, carbohydrates and essential micro-nutrients required for a baby’s optimum growth,” says a spokesperson for the organic baby food brand. 

Unlike store bought baby food blends, Little Spoon products are fresh and ingredients are locally sourced. They are certified organic and non- GMO Project Verified and they do not use preservatives or additives in their food. “We use cold-pressure technology to keep our food fresh and safe. The result is food that’s not only healthy but delicious as well. Compare our products with store bought products and you’ll find the difference in color, texture, and taste.” adds the spokesperson.


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