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CBI Court, Pune has today discharged Mr. Virendra D. Mhaiskar, Chairman & Managing Director and all other IRB Infra Officials from all charges levied by the CBI against them in Pune land case.

IRB Infra had filed an Application for Discharge on the ground that the charge sheet filed against Mr. Virendra D. Mhaiskar, the Company, M/S AIIPL and Mr. Deepak D. Gadgil, was absolutely devoid of substance and had no grounds to frame the charge.

The mater was heard at length by the Hon’ble CBI Judge at Pune.

Hon’ble CBI Judge, Pune, on considering the entire Charge Sheet, the documents on record and the submissions made by the above parties and the CBI, passed an Order in which it was observed that no case is made out even to frame the charges under any of the sections alleged by CBI; and hence discharged all the above parties by allowing their Application for Discharge. 


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