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In an unprecedented move set to transform the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) industry, Manah Wellness today announced the launch of its innovative ForeverFreeEAP program. This ground-breaking initiative is poised to disrupt the current EAP market by making all EAP calls free for organizations, addressing the critical need for unrestricted access to mental health support for employees worldwide.

The global average usage of EAP helplines by employees hovers around a mere 6%, a stark contrast to the nearly universal need for emotional wellbeing support within the workforce. This underutilization is partly due to the traditional EAP model, which often imposes limitations on the number of counselling sessions available to employees. Manah Wellness challenges this outdated approach, advocating for a model where support is unlimited and completely free for organizations.

"Imagine a world where every employee has the freedom to seek help whenever needed, without any restrictions on the number of calls, sessions, or issues discussed. That's the future we are building with ForeverFreeEAP," said Manah Wellness Co-founder and CEO Dr Ashwin Naik. "By eliminating the financial barriers to EAP services, we enable organizations to fully embrace mental wellbeing as a fundamental part of their culture, encouraging a healthier, more resilient workforce."

Manah's ForeverFreeEAP program aims to significantly increase the accessibility and usage of EAP services, ensuring that employees can reach out for support in times of emotional distress and for guidance on enhancing their mental wellbeing. This initiative also empowers organizations to expand the scope of EAP services offered, fostering a more supportive workplace environment dedicated to the holistic health of every team member.

Furthermore, by making EAP calls free, Manah Wellness encourages organizations to invest in additional resources for mental health, including assessment tools, communication programs, and skill-building initiatives, thereby enriching the overall wellbeing ecosystem within the workplace.

"This isn't just an innovation; it's a revolution in how we approach employee assistance programs," added Manah Wellness Co-founder and COO Ritika Arora. "ForeverFreeEAP represents a significant leap forward in our mission to democratize access to mental health services, ensuring no employee has to face emotional challenges alone. It's time for organizations to join us in this movement towards a more compassionate, supportive future for all."

With the introduction of the ForeverFreeEAP program, Manah Wellness reaffirms its commitment to breaking down barriers to mental health support and leading the charge towards a more inclusive and accessible future for EAP services.



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