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Footprints, a renowned Preschool and daycare brand and a leading provider of high-quality early education and childcare services, announces the opening of its newest franchises in Raipur (Chhattisgarh) and Srinagar (Jammu & Kashmir). This strategic move marks Footprints' ongoing commitment to expanding its footprint in Tier 2 cities, aiming to introduce exceptional childcare and early education services to these burgeoning urban centers. Additionally, new centers in Bhopal and Karnal are also in the pipeline, marking the next phase of growth.

Following the success and overwhelming response from Tier 1 cities, Footprints is now setting its sights on Tier 2 cities, recognizing the growing demand for high-quality early education in these regions. Raipur and Srinagar have been identified as key areas of growth where there is an increasing need for structured, technology-enabled early learning environments.

Raj Singhal, Co-Founder and CEO of Footprints, expressed his enthusiasm for the expansion: "At Footprints, we believe every child deserves access to a nurturing and stimulating environment that supports their intellectual, social, and emotional growth. The decision to expand into Raipur and Srinagar is a testament to our mission of making top-notch early childhood education accessible to more families across India. These cities are witnessing rapid urbanization and a shift towards modern educational needs, and we are excited to bring our trusted services to support the growth and development of children here."

Footprints will open its first centers in Raipur and Srinagar, bringing its total number of centers closer to the ambitious goal of 350 by 2025 and projecting a revenue of INR 275 crore. Each new center will provide Footprints' renowned childcare and early education services, including a curriculum that integrates advanced technology to enhance learning and safety. Leveraging the Footprints ParentConnect App, parents in Raipur and Srinagar will enjoy unparalleled engagement and real-time updates on their child's progress and activities.

Footprints have consistently been at the forefront of educational innovation, employing AI technology to ensure the highest quality and safety standards. Their real-time monitoring systems ensure rigorous adherence to cleanliness, lesson plan execution, and optimal adult-child ratios, reinforcing parents' trust in the brand. The new centers in Raipur and Srinagar will operate under Footprints' unique hybrid model, combining the strengths of franchise and company-operated centers to maintain unparalleled quality and scalability. This model ensures that each child receives a safe, nurturing, and enriching environment, empowering parents to play an active role in their child's developmental journey.


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