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HCLFoundation, which drives the corporate social responsibility agenda of global technology company HCLTech in India, has launched the 10th edition of HCLTech Grant India to provide a platform for NGOs to unleash their potential and create sustainable change in communities.

The 10th edition of HCLTech Grant India provides funding of ₹16.5 Crore (~$2.2 million) to nine NGOs, selected by an esteemed jury. The grant will be provided to pioneering projects in sustainable rural development across the themes of environment, health and education. The last date for submitting applications on is June 25, 2024.

HCLTech Grant signifies our commitment to supporting grassroots organizations and empowering them to make a real difference in the lives of people across India. We look forward to reviewing the innovative projects by NGOs across India and supporting impactful initiatives through HCLTech Grant,"¯ said Nidhi Pundhir, Vice President, Global CSR, HCLTech & Director, HCLFoundation.

So far, INR146.95 crore (~$18 million) has been committed by HCLFoundation through HCLTech Grant. In the 9th edition of the grant, The Corbett Foundation (covering 16 villages in one district of Gujarat), Sangath (covering 4,060 villages in three districts of Madhya Pradesh) and Makkala Jagriti (covering 451 villages in one district of Karnataka) received INR 5 crore (appx. $609,000) each for their projects of four-year duration in environment, health and education, respectively.

Each year, HCLFoundation publishes The Fifth Estate - The HCLTech Grant Compendium, a comprehensive, photo-documented assessment of 30 shortlisted NGOs, highlighting the best practices in the areas of Environment, Health and Education. The selection of awardee NGOs is done through a rigorous seven-step screening process that involves reviewing applications and proposals, field audits and due diligence.


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