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DocTube, the leading platform for public awareness health content, is thrilled to announce its upcoming Mother's Day campaign, dedicated to raising awareness about the mental health of mothers. This campaign features 10 esteemed doctors who create insightful content, culminating in the release of 50+ engaging videos on DocTube.

The mental well-being of mothers is a crucial but often overlooked aspect of healthcare. Through this campaign, DocTube sheds light on various mental health challenges that mothers face and provides valuable insights, tips, and resources to support their mental wellness journey.

The campaign features a diverse range of topics, including maternal stress management, postpartum depression, work-life balance for mothers, coping mechanisms for parenting challenges, and self-care practices for mothers.

The campaign kicked off on 12.05.2024, with new videos being released daily on DocTube's platform and will continue until 14.05.2024. In this campaign, renowned gynecologists and psychiatrists such as Dr. Harish Shetty, Dr. Kersi Chavda, Dr. Shubhangi Raghunath Parkar, Dr. Ardhanaari Manickavasagam, Dr. Debanjan Banerjee, Dr. Sunila Khandelwal, along with many other prominent names in the field, are sharing their valuable insights on maternal mental health. The campaign addresses critical topics including post-partum depression and its impact on mother and child, as well as menopause and its effects on mental health. These discussions are presented in various vernacular languages such as Tamil, English, Hindi, and Bengali, catering to diverse audiences across the country.



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