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Source Sanjay Shah

Noida, India — The 8th Global Fashion and Design Week held in Noida featured an extraordinary culinary showcase presented by the students of the AAFT School of Hospitality and Tourism. This event, spanning three days, highlighted the gastronomic specialties of various countries, with a particular focus on Mongolia, Comoros, and Iran during its inaugural food show.

The culinary presentations were inaugurated by H.E. Dambajavyn Ganbold, Ambassador of Mongolia to India, and Cdr. K.L. Ganju, Consul General of the Republic of Comoros in India. These shows provided a platform for students to demonstrate their culinary skills and introduce the international audience—including notable figures from the fashion, design, film, and television sectors—to popular dishes from the featured countries.

The event’s success was echoed by the appreciative remarks of the attending diplomats. Cdr. K.L. Ganju expressed his admiration for the scale and grandeur of the festival, praising Sandeep Marwah’s capability to organize such impressive showcases. “Only Sandeep Marwah can orchestrate these kinds of grand events,” he remarked while enjoying the culinary offerings. Additionally, Ambassador Ganbold lauded the International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry (ICMEI) for their flawless organization, comparing the festival’s quality to that of renowned international festivals.

The 8th Global Fashion and Design Week has once again proven to be a ground-breaking event, not only for its fashion and design showcases but also for bringing global cultures closer through the art of culinary presentations. The festival continues to foster international relationships and cultural exchange, enhancing its reputation as a premier global event.

The event was supported by Indo Iran Film and Cultural Forum, Indo Comoros Film and Cultural Forum, and Indo Mongolia Film and Cultural Forum. Marwah Studios provided the complete infrastructure for the show.



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