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Source Sanjay Shah

Baku, Azerbaijan: I In a testament to his esteemed stature in the global media and entertainment industry, Dr. Sandeep Marwah, the President of Marwah Studios, has been extended a gracious invitation by Mr. Manish Shaw, Director of Walkabout Group MMC, to participate in a pivotal management meeting in the vibrant city of Baku, Azerbaijan.

Dr. Marwah’s multifaceted contributions to the realms of film, television, and media have garnered international acclaim, earning him the honor of being a distinguished invitee to this exclusive gathering. As the Chair of the Indo Azerbaijan Film and Cultural Forum, an initiative spearheaded by the Embassy of Azerbaijan in India, Dr. Marwah has played a pivotal role in fostering robust cultural and cinematic ties between the two nations.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the forthcoming visit, Dr. Marwah remarked, “It will be another golden opportunity to visit Baku and reconnect with my friends. Over the years, we have diligently worked towards strengthening Indo-Azerbaijan relations, and I am confident that this meeting will further fortify our collaborative endeavors.”

Known for its breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural heritage, Baku promises to provide an inspiring backdrop for discussions on bolstering cooperation and synergy in the media and entertainment sectors. Dr. Marwah’s presence at the event underscores his unwavering commitment to fostering global partnerships and leveraging the power of media as a catalyst for positive change.

As anticipation builds for this significant rendezvous, stakeholders in the media industry eagerly await the insights and perspectives that Dr. Sandeep Marwah will bring to the table, further propelling the trajectory of international collaboration and innovation.



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