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Hypnotherapist Leslie Reynolds, CH highly successful therapy program is revolutionizing the way addiction is being treated with his proprietary cutting-edge solution

Leslie explains, "By combining the laser focus and positive suggestibility of hypnosis with the best of evidence-based cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) the addicted individual's results are simply astonishing from this one-two punch to conquer their addiction." Mr. Reynolds continues, "It's a cold true hard fact that over 50% of all addicted individuals leaving a treatment center will relapse within 30 days, within a year that relapse rate escalates to about 85%, that's totally and completely unacceptable!" He goes on to say that this groundbreaking approach makes for a sustained addiction free life, with a success rate of nearly 85%. He is currently offering this addiction therapy along with his complete library for a 7-day free trial at

This new innovative treatment comes from a specialist with over 25 years of experience. Along with being one of the most widely recognized and respected Hypnotherapists in the world; he is also the founder of the National Academy of Hypnotists. He is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, the American Board of Hypnotherapy as well as the American Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy. Mr. Reynolds has been the National Director of Clinical Hypnotherapy for the nationwide nonprofit Health Awareness Clinics for over 20 years and his degree is from Texas Tech University.

As the creator of the famous Reynolds Hypnosis Method, over the last quarter of century he's been specializing in addiction. His vast library of therapy audios reflects this as they focus on important matters such as drug addiction, PTSD, Detox-withdrawal, maintaining sobriety, as well as many other health issues. He even has therapy audios that address the importance of preventing drug use.

To level the playing field for those addicted individuals who are unable to attend a treatment center, Mr. Reynolds now makes these special therapy audios available on a monthly subscription basis on his website, Unlike some regimented treatment programs, these conquering addiction audios as well as his complete library can be utilized anytime, anywhere through the website or a smart phone. Leslie not only focuses on addiction but other issues that millions of us face such as weight loss, smoking cessation, stress relief, sleep, anxiety and many more. His website also offers lots of fun short 'MindMaster Minute' life hacks and meditation music too.


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