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Times Employ India Foundation - a CSR Solutions Wing of TimesPro, in collaboration with Bharat Petroleum and the Department of Tribal Affairs, Jhabua successfully completed a health and hygiene project embarked upon six months ago to tackle anemia and malnutrition across seven government schools of Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh.

During this initiative, alongside conducting blood tests and primary health check-ups, around 3,807 students were motivated daily in inventive ways to embrace nutritious diets, maintain personal hygiene standards, and embrace a wholesome lifestyle. Times Employ India Foundation allocated Hygiene Educators to each school to facilitate consistent training and sensitisation sessions for children on pivotal health and hygiene principles. This was achieved through the utilisation of training materials, posters, guest lectures, interactive sessions, and competitive events.

The hygiene educators encouraged healthy habits among students, such as regular consumption of nutritious food, proper hygiene practices, physical activities, and a wholesome lifestyle. To achieve this, they provided soft skills training through various activities, including street theatre performances, community and school-based plays, and the Building As Learning Aid (BALA) initiative. The BALA initiative involved decorating school walls with pictorial messages promoting health and hygiene. The cumulative efforts of the hygiene educators over the past six months have had a positive impact on the students' health. The results of the second phase of blood tests showed a significant improvement in the children's behavioral practices.

Speaking on the initiative, Arun Kabra, President - CSR Projects, Times Employ India Foundation said, "We are thrilled to collaborate with the government and BPCL to launch this programme aimed at eliminating the challenges that hinder the growth and well-being of our children. Through our efforts and campaigns in schools and communities, we are committed to creating a conducive environment for learning and living that strengthens immunity and instils hygienic practices. It's about investing in a healthier future for Madhya Pradesh."

Ms. Nisha Mehra, Asst. Commissioner, Tribal Affairs Department, Jhabua, praised BPCL and Times Employ India Foundation for their efforts and hopes for the programme's continuity to achieve sustainable development. Seema Trivedi, the Principal of Government Girls Higher Secondary School in Jhabua, appreciated the initiative taken by the Times Employ India Foundation. She stated that there has been a considerable increase in awareness of health and hygiene aspects among the female students at her school. The students have been sensitised about ideal hygiene behavior and have started consuming nutritious and balanced meals. This has significantly improved their general health, subsequently leading to an increase in attendance as well.


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