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Source Sanjay Shah

Noida: Dr. Sandeep Marwah, the esteemed Chancellor of AAFT University and founder of Noida Film City, proudly unveiled the inaugural poster for the highly anticipated AAFT Sports Star League 2024 at Marwah Studios in Noida Film City.

In his address, Dr. Sandeep Marwah underscored the significance of sports in shaping individuals’ lives, emphasizing its role in fostering physical fitness, mental resilience, and teamwork. “Sports are not just recreational activities; they are essential components of a holistic lifestyle,” remarked Dr. Marwah, highlighting the profound impact of sports on personal development and well-being.

The deans and directors at AAFT expressed their enthusiasm for the upcoming games, underscoring the institution’s longstanding commitment to promoting sports and physical fitness among its students. With a rich tradition spanning over three decades, AAFT has continually expanded the scope and scale of its sports initiatives, fostering a culture of healthy competition and camaraderie.

The AAFT Sports Star League 2024 promises to be a grand spectacle, with twelve AAFT Colleges slated to participate in nine different sporting disciplines. The event, scheduled to take place from 14th to 16th March, will span two days of exhilarating competition, culminating in an awards ceremony on the third day.

The unveiling of the poster marks the official commencement of preparations for the AAFT Sports Star League 2024, signaling the beginning of an exciting journey for athletes and sports enthusiasts alike. The event is supported by International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry.



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