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Autism Centre for Excellence (ACE), a beacon of hope and support for the autistic community, celebrated a momentous milestone recently, marking a decade of dedication, innovation, and compassionate care for individuals with autism spectrum disorders. The celebratory event, held at the esteemed Triveni Kala Sangam, was a vibrant showcase of inclusivity, talent, and the unwavering spirit of the entire ACE family.

The evening commenced with a heartfelt welcome note by the Co-founder and Director of ACE, Dr. Archana Nayar set a tone of gratitude and reflection for the journey that began in 2014. The event unfolded with a series of captivating performances, including a student musical, a dance by dedicated staff members, and a play, all of which underscored the talents and capabilities of the ACE community.

An address by the Guest of Honour, Mrs. Indu Rawat, Director of the Hans Foundation, further illuminated the event, reinforcing the importance of support and understanding for individuals with autism. Co-Founder of ACE, Sameer Nayar gave a heartfelt address to distinguished contributors to ACE's journey, that included Mr. Manit Jain, Mr Lalit Jain and Mr. Rajesh Jain, co-founders of The Heritage School, who were all honored in a felicitation ceremony, celebrating the collaborative efforts that have fueled ACE's mission.

The highlight of the evening, the ACE Feature Film, provided a visual journey through the center's decade-long endeavor, touching the hearts of all attendees.

In a fashion show titled 'Fashion beyond Label,' students dazzled the audience, breaking stereotypes and celebrating diversity. The timeline of student achievements, showcased during the event, was a testament to the progress and breakthroughs made possible through ACE's comprehensive programs and interventions.

The evening also featured heartwarming performances by parents, and a soul-stirring Qawwali performance by the band Rooh. and an art exhibition titled "Imagination meets Creation," allowing guests to witness the creativity and imagination of the ACE students.

Dr. Archana Nayar eloquently captured the essence of the celebration, "I reflect on the achievements of the past decade and envision a future filled with many more milestones and successes. The achievements of students would not have been possible without the support of the parents and the dedicated effort of all those who teach at ACE." The event concluded on a note of hope and celebration, with the community coming together to applaud the success stories of individuals who have thrived with the support of ACE.

As ACE steps into its next decade, it remains committed to excellence, innovation, and inclusivity, continuing to pave the way for a more compassionate and supportive society for individuals with autism spectrum disorders. The event not only celebrated the past achievements but also reignited the commitment to empowering individuals with autism to lead fulfilling and independent lives.


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