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Celebrity Hair Stylist Javed Habib announced giving free training and jobs to Divyangjan In an initiative aimed at promoting inclusive employment as a human right of persons with disabilities and garnering support for addressing their challenges, "Purple Bharat Utsav" first of its kind fest to celebrate inclusion and disability took center stage in New Delhi. The event, themed around inclusive employment, featured the Purple Round Table Conference, where corporate leaders engaged in a comprehensive discussion on essential policies and plans to foster inclusivity in companies to provide employment to Divyangjans.

Hosted by IDEA in collaboration with Handicap International and Fortune Institute, the round table saw participation from representatives of over 50 private, government, and non-government organizations. The outcome was an action plan dedicated to enhancing the inclusive employment of persons with disabilities. Mallikarjuna Iytha, Founder of IDEA, emphasized that "Purple India Utsav" aligns with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's vision for inclusive growth in a developed India.

"This collaboration aligns with our mission to promote inclusive employment as a fundamental human right for persons with disabilities. 'Purple Bharat Utsav' serves as a change, fostering a culture of inclusivity and addressing the challenges faced by Divyangjan individuals in the workforce. Through partnerships like these, we are committed to creating a more accessible and diverse employment landscape, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to contribute and thrive. This initiative is a significant step towards building an inclusive nation where the talents and abilities of every individual are celebrated and valued." says Mallikarjuna Iytha, Founder of IDEA.

The IDEA has an ambitious goal to empower 5,000 Divyangjan individuals to become entrepreneurs by 2028, thereby providing employment opportunities for one lakh people.

Saksham-Idea, under the leadership of Mallikarjuna Iytha, has established Divyangjan Incubation Centers across the country. These centers select individuals with disabilities aspiring for self-employment or seeking to establish small enterprises in their local areas. The program provides training, a grant of Rs 25,000, and market linkages in launching their businesses.

The organization strives to build a network of disabled entrepreneurs nationwide, fostering mutual support and growth to make India an Inclusive Nation. Renowned hair stylist Javed Habib, a guest at the event, pledged to offer free training to Divyangjan individuals across all Javed Habib academies. He also committed to providing employment opportunities for Divyangjan individuals in all his salons in the coming years.

The event celebrated December 3rd to mark International Disability Day, featured Divyangjan artists showcasing their talents in dance and music during the late evening session. The gathering also included notable personalities such as Lieutenant General S.M. Mehta, NCPEDP Executive Director Arman Ali, Padmashree Kathak dancer Nalini-Kamlini, and Famous hairstylist Javed Habib.


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