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Gleneagles Hospitals, Kengeri Introduces RecoSMA for Advanced Wound Healing and Tissue Repair
In a monumental stride towards advancing healthcare in South India, Gleneagles Hospital, Kengeri proudly introduces RecoSMA laser technology. This cutting-edge innovation is set to transform patient care by offering precise, non-invasive solutions for rapid wound healing and tissue repair.

RecoSMA Laser is poised to redefine wound healing and tissue repair. What sets it apart from conventional methods is its unique mechanism: it initiates tissue repair by gently disturbing cell membranes, nucleus, and cytoplasm, eliminating the need for high-temperature treatments. This groundbreaking technology not only promotes the growth of new cells but also stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis, leading to rejuvenated and healthier tissue. Importantly, RecoSMA Laser achieves these results without inducing fibrous tissue growth, preserving the skin's natural properties and pigment.

The benefits of RecoSMA Laser extends to both patients and surgeons. Patients can now experience non-invasive treatments without surgical incisions, anesthesia, or hospital admissions thus reducing discomfort and surgical risks. Short treatment sessions accommodate busy schedules, minimizing time commitments. During RecoSMA treatment, patients report minimal discomfort, as the procedure doesn't induce a heat sensation.

Moreover, RecoSMA minimizes damage to the skin or wound surface, fostering healthy tissue formation and lowering the risk of complications. Its versatility enables the treatment of various skin conditions, including varicose veins, acne scars, burn scars, surgery scars, and psoriasis, offering multiple treatment options in a single platform. Importantly, RecoSMA is cost-effective compared to certain surgical procedures, increasing accessibility for a wider range of patients.

For surgeons, RecoSMA represents a leap forward in precision. It allows for the precise targeting of damaged tissue areas, ensuring minimal disruption to surrounding healthy tissue and more accurate treatment of patients' specific conditions. RecoSMA's versatility extends to diverse medical and cosmetic procedures, providing surgeons with a powerful and adaptable tool.

Patient safety is paramount, and RecoSMA contributes by offering a non-invasive and safe procedure that promotes natural tissue repair without exposure to high temperatures or oxygen. This reduces the risks typically associated with surgical interventions and enhances patient safety.

Dr Smitha Thamaiah, Cluster Medical Director of Gleneagles Hospitals, Bengaluru, expressed her enthusiasm about RecoSMA, saying, "RecoSMA (Reconstruction by Spatially Modulated Ablation) is a revolutionary new method to repair damaged human tissue. Can be used for various skin issues, cosmetic corrections, non-closing wounds and keloids, and many more benefits. Its noninvasive daycare procedure, without anaesthesia, has quick recovery and healing with little or no discomfort."

Biju Nair, Cluster COO of Gleneagles Hospitals, Bengaluru, expressed his excitement, stating, "We are thrilled to introduce RecoSMA laser technology at our Kengeri facility. RecoSMA elevates patient care with unprecedented precision and comfort, solidifying our commitment to delivering cutting-edge healthcare innovations that truly redefine the future of medicine."

This historic installation of RecoSMA technology at Gleneagles Hospital, Kengeri underscores the hospital's unwavering dedication to introducing cutting-edge technologies that enhance patient care and improve outcomes.

Esteemed guests who graced the occasion with their presence include:

Biju Nair, Cluster COO, Gleneagles Hospitals, Bengaluru

Dr Smitha Thammaiah, Cluster Medical Director, Gleneagles Hospitals, Bengaluru

Dr Nirmala C, HOD & Sr Consultant Gynecologist & Gynec Oncologist, Gleneagles Hospitals, Kengeri

Dr Naveen Kumar H R, HOD & Sr Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Gleneagles Hospitals, Kengeri

Raghav Kulkarni, Director Artistree Medical (RecoSMA)

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