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Epoch Elder Care is a renowned expert in providing assisted living and dementia care services in India. Its approach is rooted in ensuring that residents lead lives filled with dignity and purpose. It has more than a decade of relevant experience in India and follows evidence-based, global best practices. Epoch is driven by its mission of providing holistic, person centered care that enables elders to have the highest quality of life.

“With our expertise and commitment to cater to individual’s preferences, we aim to provide a safe and vibrant environment where seniors can lead meaningful lives and maintain their dignity, while receiving the holistic care they need," said Neha Sinha, Co-founder and CEO, Epoch Elder Care. She further added, “Therapeutic interventions hold immense significance in the context of dementia and Parkinson’s care, offering a multifaceted approach to enhance the quality of life for individuals living with this condition.”

In line with this mission, Epoch organized a week of therapeutic sessions at their newly launched Vincent Home in Gurugram's sector 39. The aim was to create a space where elders could come together, interact, and engage in meaningful experiences, fostering a sense of belonging and love. Various therapeutic sessions such as physiotherapy, art therapy, pet therapy, movement therapy, and yoga were meticulously designed as a part of their #CaringTogether initiative.

The physiotherapy session aimed to enhance physical autonomy and quality of life for the elders. The art therapy sessions provided a creative outlet to nurture emotional equilibrium, particularly beneficial for elders with conditions like Dementia and Parkinson's disease. Pet therapy was introduced to counter feelings of depression and anxiety associated with aging, bringing positive emotions through interaction with animals. The Tamalpa movement-based therapy acknowledged the link between bodily discomfort and psychological distress in conditions like dementia and Parkinson's disease. As the week concluded, a serene yoga session infused with joyful elements provided a harmonious closure.

The sessions were conducted under the expert guidance of healthcare professionals, with the goal of offering comprehensive care that nurtures physical vitality, emotional well-being, and overall health.

Vincent House, with a capacity of caring for 18 elders, has been thoughtfully created to offer a nurturing and tranquil environment for its elderly inhabitants. With a focus on personalized care, the design prioritizes accessibility and connectivity within the premises, catering to those with dementia, individuals needing assistance with daily activities, and those managing chronic medical conditions. This design ensures a sense of peace and well-being for the residents.

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