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Myth 1) Ultrasound uses radiation to detect your baby.

Facts: This myth is found everywhere. A new mother is very concerned and worried about everything that is related to their child’s well-being. First of all, ultrasound doesn’t use any radiation at all; they use high-frequency sound waves that bounce and create images of babies, which is called a sonogram.

Myth 2) Ultrasound can cause miscarriages.

Facts: This myth has no evidence to be called true. Many mothers think this myth is true and don’t do the ultrasound, which impacts the care of the child and mother.

Myth 3) 3D ultrasound is safer than 2D ultrasound because it uses stronger sound waves.

Facts: First of all, 2D and 3D are the image dimensions. Both use the same frequency, and they are the format of the results shown in the images in the 2D dimension as well as the 3D dimension.

Myths 4) You need an ultrasound at every appointment.

Facts: It is not true at all. In the whole pregnancy journey, you only have to do ultrasounds for 2-3 times if the baby is normal. In the completion case, it needed more ultrasounds depending on the situation of the child.

Myths 5) We can detect the sex of the child by doing an ultrasound.

Facts: We can guess and say about the sex of the child, but in any case, there is no 100% guarantee of the accuracy of the sex when doing an ultrasound.

Myths 6) Ultrasound is harmful to the baby.

Facts: Actually, an ultrasound is done to identify any early complications or problems with the child’s growth. Ultrasound is used to monitor the child’s health and is not harmful at all.

Myths 7) Only pregnant women get ultrasounds.

Facts: Ultrasound is used for monitoring internal organs from the liver, heart, and bladder to a child’s growth, so it is not only for pregnant women.


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