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This Mother's Day, Titan, India's leading watch brand, launches #MOMentsTogether, a refreshing social media campaign prodding kids to give their moms a much deserved break from all the trivial questions we usually bombard them with and instead direct them to Titan’s Ask A-आई Chatbot.

From "Mom, what’s for dinner tonight?" to "Have you seen my keys?", moms are often our go-to people when it comes to answering questions, no matter how obvious or unnecessary they may be. With ASK A-आई, you can now get quirky and savage replies to your never-ending list of questions. From witty comebacks to hilarious jokes, ASK A-आई impersonates all our aais, moms, and mummas, providing entertaining responses that can be shared on social media or WhatsApp, making it a fun and engaging experience for everyone.

In the week leading up to Mother's Day, Titan stirred up a social media buzz with moms holding signage demanding time off. As the chatter grew louder, everyone discussed the alarming phenomenon of mothers disappearing. To amplify the conversation, Titan curated reels and memes with responses and welcomed user-generated content for amusing and shareable responses.

Sharing his thoughts on the campaign, Prateek Gupta, Brand Communication Head, Titan Said, "While our moms are irreplaceable, the #MOMentsTogether campaign urges kids to go celebrate our moms by gifting them a break from being constantly barraged about household chores, meal plans, or other responsibilities. We all know that our moms are the backbone of our families, and they deserve rest too. This Mother's Day, instead of asking your mom all the trivial questions, head over to ASK A-आई and let your mom spend quality time doing what she loves the most.

To further enhance the significance of this campaign, store teams nationwide are joining in the celebration with customers who bring their moms along, extending a warm welcome and presenting them with an exclusive Mother's Day discount of flat 20% off* from May 11th through May 14th on select Titan watches.


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