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On the occasion of Akshay Tritiya, Aayam Dance Troupe is proud to present Krishna Leela, a unique Bharatanatyam dance recital dedicated to Lord Krishna. The concert, organised in partnership with the Association of Domestic Tour Operators of India, will take place on April 22, 2023, starting at 5 p.m. at Triveni Kala Sangam in Delhi.

The event will highlight the talents of the Aayam Dance Troupe, who are renowned for their unique blend of traditional and contemporary dance styles. The event will commemorate the life and teachings of Lord Krishna, one of the most renowned and worshipped deities.

The performance will begin with a devotional piece on Lord Ganesh called "Gaiye Ganapati Jag Vandan," taken from Saint Tulsidas' Ramcharitmanas, and will close with a strong reflection of his devotional love for Ram and Sita, in which he pleads that they remain in his heart forever. This performance will be presented in a gripping interplay of Hindustani and Carnatic tradition.

This will be followed by Varnam, a vital component of Bharatanatyam that includes jathis (rhythmic patterns) and abhinaya. The poetry of this varnam comes from Soorsagar, where Maa Yashoda is reading the Ramayana to little Krishna, who dozes off in the middle of the narrative of Ravana abducting Sita but wakes up with a thundering summons to Laxman, asking for his bow. This varnam is designed to depict the eternal love between Ram and Sita, which may be seen in Ram's following incarnations. His unexpected and impulsive reaction, which causes him to forget his current existence, displays Ram and Sita's everlasting bond.

Later, the troupe will present Raagam Gambhira and Taalam Adi with Kalinga Nartana Thillana. This thillana is about the child Krishna, who is seven years old, hops onto the serpent's hood and performs a famous dance known as Kalinga Naratana and fights him to prevent him from polluting the river Yamuna.

Talking about the production, Guru Smt Sindhu Mishra said, "We are delighted to deliver this unique performance in honour of Lord Krishna on Akshay Tritiya. We hope that Krishna Leela will encourage listeners to connect with Lord Krishna's teachings and ideals, such as love, compassion, and devotion."


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