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Education and employment are two integral parts of a woman's life. As a mother and caregiver to her family members, she strives to keep herself active and updated. She is a born learner who is constantly adapting herself for others. But being a woman, she owes a lot to herself too - self-care, self-respect, freedom of expression and living life on her own terms. This International Women's Day SeniorWorld wishes all women associates and embraces equity for its employees.

Equity over equality is key to a successful and growing nation. The company focuses on growth and breaking stereotypes across all ages. The startup has a young women workforce contributing to creating a meaningful environment for seniors around the world. By offering a hybrid work model, the startup has been able to build a team across India. The hybrid work model is an important driver of empowerment for the female workforce, both globally and in India. MP Deepu quotes,' people led approach empowers employees to take mindful decisions for themselves and the place they work for.


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