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Dr. Rajeev Khare, top cardiologist in Indore launches a special consulting session on anxiety related heart condition. Extensive research and studies show there is a complex relationship between anxiety and heart diseases. Studies investigating further shows that not only does anxiety and stress seem to be prevalent in patients with cardiovascular disease, but it also suggest that anxiety could cause a degrading long-term effect on heart, which could eventually lead to heart disease and death. Anxiety is linked with major risk factors like heart disease, stroke and diabetes according to new research.

Best cardiologist doctor in Indore Dr Rajeev Khare, has been educating his patients and his family members on anxiety related heart problems. He has held numerous conversations and sessions where patients have an opportunity for a one-on-one consultation session with the cardiologist. He was a part of many awareness programs which were held in Indore city and participated in many conferences and research oriented studies in this field. As a cardiologist in Indore Dr. Rajeev Khare says, “Anxiety is a reaction to stress; it helps us cope with sudden change of reactions. In fact it keeps us out of danger. While fear, panic, distress, anxiety and nervousness are all normal part of life, but if this seems persistent and continues for a long time you should consult your cardiologist”.

A chronic or a persistent condition of anxiety is diagnosed as an anxiety disorder. It leads to mental illness and in turn leads to severe stress on your heart. Dr Rajeev Khare as a top cardiologist in indore, has warned all of his patients and their family members about the 5 major types of anxiety: OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder), social anxiety disorder, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and panic disorder. He says, “In India a common cause of anxiety related heart disease is the society pressure and stress”.

A patient diagnosed by Dr Rajeev Khare says, “I have had high Blood pressure and sleeplessness in the last couple of months. When my aunt told me about Dr Rajeev Khare’s consultation and his expertise on the subject, I went ahead with it and had a visit to his clinic. Initially I was worried about the issues, but after a consultation and a thorough check up I was diagnosed with heart problems. Dr Khare advised me on quitting some unhealthy habits and added in some great exercise routines and mind relaxation yoga exercises. Since then I stated following them and my life has become much stress free and I am able to get a peaceful sleep at night. I am thankful to him”.


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