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Source Sanjay Shah

New Delhi: “Music is life, without music you are incomplete. Music takes you to spirituality and makes a better human being. I extend my heartiest congratulations to Pandit Tejendra Narayan and his complete team on the inauguration of 10th edition of most successful Indian Classical festival today here in New Delhi. The Swara Samrat Festival has added lot of value to Delhi cultural scene,” said Dr. Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios    and International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry while lighting the ceremonial lamp at Shriram Centre for Performing Arts.

“I also appreciate the gesture of Pandit Tejendra Narayan for remembering his guru Padma Bhushan Ustad Ali Akbar Khan on the completion of his 100th anniversary this year. No creative art especially music can be learned without guru. Indian culture has always given more importance to Guru than the God. I am sure all of us will learn a lot about Indian classical music after the completion of this two-day festival,” added Dr. Sandeep Marwah.

It is our pleasure and honor to present the most upcoming talent of India in Indian Classical Music. It is not only necessary but essential to provide platform to these artists who are of international level and need more exposure in India and abroad,” said Tenendra Narayan Majumdar.

Gandhar Deshpandey Vocal accompanied by Vinay Mishra on Harmonium and Ishaan Ghosh on Table was the first presentation. The second presentation was by Kaushik Mukherjee on Sarod and table played by Debjit Patitundi. Last of the day was Piyush Chauhan and Preeti Sharma a kathak Jugalbandi where Yogesh Gangani and Nishit Ganggani were on tabla, Ashish Gangani on Pakhawaj, Sami Ullah Khan Vocal and Karan Gangwani on Paddhant. The program was coordinated by Classical Vocalist Dr. Mansi Majumdar & awardee Sarod player Indrayudh Majumdar.

The event was witnessed by important dignities like Table Master Pt. Ram Kumar Mishra, Tabla Master Ustad Akram Khan, Sarod Master Pt. Biswajeet, Rai Choudhary, Deputy Secretary Ministry of Culture Abhinav Pratap Singh, Director Ministry of Culture Anish P Ranjan, Kathak Master Pt. Deepak Maharaj , Veteran Classical Dancer Guru Manju Singh Chatterjee and  Kathak Master Abhimanyu Lal were present there.



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