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Ben-Gurion University of the Negevís ABC Robotics Initiative is seeking excellent PhD students to advance multidisciplinary Robotics R&D at BGU. The initiative is driven by a commitment to collaboration and interdisciplinary transitional R&D of robotics systems.

The ABC Robotics Initiative aims to advance innovative multidisciplinary robotics research at BGU in the domains of agricultural, biological, and cognitive robotics. The Initiative is driven by a vision and a commitment for collaboration and interdisciplinary research. By bringing together senior and junior researchers from different disciplines, such as robotics, computer sciences, cognitive sciences, neurosciences, biopsychology, and physiology, they aim to spark new ideas and research directions. Multidisciplinary R&D teams have been established and are contributing to the development of agricultural, biological, and cognitive robotics by advancing theoretical foundations, practical applications, and innovative designs.

The scholarship is based on matching from both department and advisor and covers tuition fees and a monthly stipend. The scholarship offers each candidate a stipend amount of 5,544 NIS per month (**1660 USD) for a duration of 4 years.

Application Requirements:

∑ PhD applicants must have completed an MSc/MA degree in Engineering, Computer Sciences, Natural Sciences, Health, Management or Social Sciences with a thesis. Experience in artificial intelligence, robotics, cognitive sciences, and programming is an advantage

∑ PhD applicants must fulfil the requirements defined by the department they are applying to and be in the top 20% ranking of their class.

∑ The applicant must contact a potential advisor.

∑ The application should include a CV, a list of academic grades, class ranking, a copy of degree project report, a list of publications, two personal references and one A4 page describing the personal motivation for applying for this position.


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