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Recognising the power of art, Mumbai-based Salaam Bombay Foundation organised a virtual event on February 13 titled The Future is Creative on The event curated by The Academy of Arts saw an insightful panel discussion on ‘How ART helps develop INTUITIVE THINKING in children, which formal education seems to overlook.’

Salaam Bombay Foundation believes that introducing underprivileged children to music, theatre, dance, and painting can convince them to stay in school and build a better future.

The Foundation believes that it is through the Arts that it equips underprivileged adolescents with life-necessary skills that go beyond the purview of the formal education system, enabling them to thrive despite their difficult circumstances. This thought experiment is the Foundation’s endeavour to capture ground level realities and everyday challenges of its students and share relevant insights with our patrons and

supporters, helping develop the right perspective towards Art.

The eminent panelists for the discussion included dignitaries like Mr. Waman Kendre (Padma Shree Awardee, Former Director NSD, Theatre Director), Mr. Terence Lewis (Choreographer and Celebrity Judge), Ms. Rekha Nigam (Screenwriter, Storyteller and Advertising Professional), Mrs. Manisha Pawar (Deputy Director, Regional Academic Authority, Mumbai), Dr. Anuradha Sovani (Author, Psychologist and Psychotherapist), Dr. Manasi Bawdekar (VP, Research and M&E - Salaam Bombay Foundation).

Speaking about the event, Rajashree Kadam, Vice President, Projects (Arts and Media), Salaam Bombay Foundation said, “At Salaam Bombay Foundation, we believe in teaching our children some very important life-skills that will stay with them beyond school. Our virtual event is an extension of our belief that through Art, we can take our students on an exploratory journey of endless possibilities. Over time, our children have developed the ability to use creative solutions to counter their day-to-day challenges. The Academy of the Arts trains secondary school students for three years, and the very best and those with the right aptitude are then put through advanced courses. This ensures that our students and alumni move out into the marketplace with employable skill-sets. Not only do we help build life-skills but we also help equip our students with vocational skills and put them onto sustainable career paths. We are glad so many renowned personalities from the field of Art could be a part of this event.”


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