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Arthritis is a disorder that can be treated but cannot be cured. Getting herbal remedies to treat arthritis is the best. Some of the herbal remedies for arthritis are as follows -

Drink a lot of fat-burning juices along with coconut water which boosts the metabolism and decreases body fat. This will greatly help to relieve the pain in joints.

Hot and cold therapy is something which can help to reduce the swelling and pain at joints. One just needs a cloth dipped in hot water on their joints for a couple of minutes then immediately switches the hot cloth with a cloth dipped in cold water.

Acupuncture can help to reduce redness and pain. This is an ancient Chinese technique in which some needles are inserted into some specific points of the body.

Adding a good amount of turmeric to the disease can greatly help to improve immunity and joint strength. Also, it boosts metabolism.


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