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HealthKart, the leading online destination for health in our country, recently organized a one-day health and malnutrition awareness camp teaming up with Lakshyam, a not-for-profit government organization devoted to India's underprivileged and low-income communities, especially children and women.

As part of the brand’s corporate social responsibility program, HealthKart organized a large-scale Malnutrition Drive to create awareness on combating Malnutrition, the importance of the right to nutrition, and various approaches to combating this concern during childhood. The drive was aided by providing children with health essentials like nutritional food packs, milk powders, and multivitamins, signifying the importance of each along the way. These products help develop language and motor skills in severely malnourished children, and oral nutrition supplements may help prevent and treat Malnutrition.

During the course of the Drive, HealthKart’s leading nutritionists educated and guided the women and children on effective ways to combat Malnutrition, crucial diet interventions, affordable protein-rich recipes, stressing on the importance of a balanced diet, and encouraged them to lead healthier lifestyles.

Speaking on the initiative, Abhinav Sonal, Chief of Staff, HealthKart, said, "We at HealthKart, have been doing our part to help our communities since the beginning of the pandemic. In a continued effort, we have been working on this integrated approach with Lakshyam (NGO), and the success of the drive marks another step towards a healthy nation where no child has to go to sleep hungry."

This is one of many activities undertaken by HealthKart to raise awareness of the importance of health and nutrition. In the past, HealthKart organized a virtual awareness camp on diet and Nutrition in collaboration with the NGO Oorjaa to support the community during the second wave of the pandemic.


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