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Infantile colic is one of the significant challenges parents face with their children. It is one of the common reasons parents seek medical advice during their child’s first three months of life. It’s defined as paroxysms of crying lasting over 3 hours a day, occurring over three days in any week for three weeks in a healthy baby aged two weeks to 4 months. Colic is a poorly understood phenomenon affecting up to 30% of babies, underlying organic causes of excessive crying account for less than 5%.

Biotix Care is the answer to a parents finding a way to have a peaceful, cry free night with their baby. Tummy Soothe provides a fantastic treatment for colic and other stomach issues in children. It provides the best baby colic remedy and it’s a top rated probiotics supplement.

Tummy Soothe is formulated with a clinically studied, health-supporting probiotic strain of Bifidobacterium. This makes it one of the best probiotics for babies as well. Probiotics Drops are expertly crafted for babies and infants to ensure they are gentle on their developing stomachs to reduce crying-time by over 60% after only two weeks.

Biotix Care Probiotics are developed for babies or infants, this supplement is gentle on their developing tummies. The probiotic colic drops are easy to use since it designed to be consumed in a liquid form. This product helps your baby build a robust digestive system. Increase immunity system and help promote probiotic strains. It’s designed to relieve colic, gas, and upset stomach. It promotes a healthy gut microflora.

Tummy Soothe is a specialized probiotic formula that clinically showed an effect in reducing excessive crying because of infant colic.* Its formulation contains two clinical strains. There have been two published clinical trials (randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled design). The efficacy was shown in breastfeeding and formula-feeding infants resulting in reduced crying-time by over 60% after only two weeks.

Tummy Soothe formula contains the highly researched Bifidobacterium animal is subsp. lactis BB-12®.Their unique mechanism of action promotes proliferation of beneficial microbiota (Bifidobacterium and Lactobacilli). The homofermentative metabolism strains selected for Tummy Soothe do not produce CO2* Biotix Care expertly developed baby Probiotics Drops for babies and infants to ensure they are gentle on their developing tummies.

Biotix Care Probiotics for baby’s Colic Relief* contains well-researched high-quality probiotic strains of Bifido bacterium in an MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil provided with a dropper bottle so you can easily control each drop. It is known as being able to provide the best colic remedy by it being a top rated probiotics supplement.

Biotix Care offers a holistic approach to health and wellness. They specialize in providing the most up-to-date scientific knowledge with an understanding of their customer’s needs. They dedicate themselves to bringing the best probiotic supplements, vitamins, minerals, herbs, and nutritional supplements backed by science-based formulations. Their products focus on helping a person maintain a lifestyle that contributes to their fulfillment and health.


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