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Offshore expansion of international student reach is usually perceived to require huge investments, but successful higher education institutions (HEI) know that there are budget-friendly, top-notch education management strategies. This is the key topic in the latest M Square Media (MSM) Think-In webinar, titled Creating a Global Reach with Limited Staff and Resources.

Happening on October 27, 2021, 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm EST, this virtual knowledge-sharing among HEI experts and thought leaders will discuss innovative education management measures in recruiting international students efficiently and effectively at a minimal cost.

While these strategies have already been adapted even before the global health crisis, there is no doubt a need for low-cost but high-quality international student recruitment initiatives, especially during the pandemic. This prompted HEI experts to adapt and come up with ways to create a global reach even with limited staff and resources.

According to MSM GMO-US Vice President May Arthur, the moderator of the discussion in this upcoming Think-In, strategies built on the principle of creating meaningful connections are highly effective even with minimal investment. “The foundation of a successful student recruitment–and eventually an expanded and established global reach–is on building meaningful relationships, which no currency can match,” May stated.

May will be joined by trusted thought leaders in both the higher education and international education space, Gjergj Dollani, VP Marketing for Bay Atlantic University (BAU); and Jim Paul, Director of the U.S. Commercial Service and former Global Education Team Leader of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Through Gjergj, BAU, as a case study for implementing efficient, effective, and low-cost initiatives for global student reach, will share how certain strategies enabled them to enhance and achieve the academic potential of both domestic and international students.

Additionally, Gjergj will share how BAU provides its students with the necessary skills, experience, and qualifications to advance their professional careers while cultivating in them the intellectual curiosity, critical thinking abilities, and creativity that are urgently needed in the global community.

Jim, in turn, will share his insight and experience as Global Education Team Leader, in which he coordinated numerous programs worldwide to assist U.S. schools with their international student recruitment activities.

After this insightful discussion, participants are expected to gain deeper awareness of marketing strategies that allow institutions to reach out to global student markets despite limited resources. Other takeaways include better comprehension of a risk-free, performance-based model in student recruitment and how it helps HEIs work on expanding global reach within a set budget.


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