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Feeding a soul is the noblest deed any human can do and considering the basic food requirement, one single meal can never pinch the pocket of any individual. In India, there are thousands of souls that do not eat proper meals and are starving on a daily basis. Due to a lack of proper financial income, these people cannot afford an appropriate one-time meal that is required for a human body. To raise a voice for the voiceless Mealmile Nutrients LLP has partnered with ImpactGuru Foundation to start a fundraiser named Bal Shakti which is an attempt to rescue vulnerable populations in India. The fundraiser is aiming to raise Rs. 40 lakhs to provide Mealmile Poshan Shakti (EDNS) sachets to help lift 1 lakh women and children distressed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, out of Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM).

Mealmile Nutrients LLP are the manufacturers of Energy Dense Nutritional Supplements (EDNS) known as Mealmile Poshan Shakti. EDNS is a 92g smooth, homogeneous, and thick peanut paste containing 500 kcal of total energy providing women and children in need all the nutritional requirements for a healthy life. It is a proven prevention and cure of severe acute malnutrition (SAM) produced on the globally verified formula of UNICEF.. It is available in a directly consumable sachet which can be used in combination with breastfeeding. Mealmile Poshan Shakti (EDNS) is also considered to be appropriate in extreme cases such as for maternal orphan infants (less than 6 months), infants whose mothers cannot breastfeed eg: HIV positive mothers.

Speaking about the current malnutrition condition of India Mr. Pankaj Methi, Founding partner, Mealmile said “Every day in India, millions of hungry mothers are anguished by the cries of their starving children, many of whom do not even reach the age of 5. Child and maternal malnutrition is said to be responsible for 15% of India’s total disease burden. The situation has only become graver due to the havoc wreaked by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Malnutrition is the biggest reason for under-five mortality and it starts from the womb. There are approximately 189.2 million undernourished people in India, the majority being women and children. Child and maternal malnutrition is the single largest health risk factor in India, contributing to 15% of India’s total disease burden.

“We, at Mealmile Nutrients have pledged to rescue women and children from starvation and take them towards a well-nourished future. To fulfill our dream of a malnutrition-free India, we have joined hands with ImpactGuru to launch ‘Bal Shakti’, an easy-to-distribute and delicious Energy Dense Nutritional Supplement that will be distributed among women and children, who have been pushed towards chronic malnutrition.” adds Mr. Pankaj while informing about the campaign initiative.

The meal distribution will be done on World Food Day i.e. 16th October 2021 and will be majorly focused on the cities of Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Varanasi, Kolkata, Karnataka.

To support Meal Mile Nutrients's initiative this World Food Day, has waived off its platform fees for the cause.


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