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As part of their goal to help women grow professionally, accelerate the process and ensure there are enough and many women leaders in the world, unveils two one-minute films - one showing what gender disparity at work looks like, even in 2021 and a social experiment to underscore how we need to acknowledge and celebrate more women leaders. Both films end with confronting facts about women in the workplace in 2021 and invite communities to join them in removing barriers holding women back.

Launched on 27th September, the first film depicts men and women entering an office and once inside, men being invited to take elevators while women are directed to take the stairs. This analogy aims to demonstrate the relatively quicker path available to men versus the sluggish journey women have, to make it to senior positions in the workplace. It emphasises that empowering women is not charity but a $12 trillion opportunity waiting to be unlocked.

Launched on 6th October 2021, Film two shows 5 - 6 men being asked to name their role models and female global CEOs. The immediate answers only involve names of men, including those of industry stalwarts, cricketers and actors. When specifically pressed to name women that have inspired them, they are at first stumped and only a few are able to cite figures such as business leader Indra Nooyi and others. We are then shown some hard hitting statistics about the acutely low percentages of Indian women in CEO and senior leadership positions. The film calls for the need to celebrate women leaders and role models and take the leap to bridge the inequality.

Ragini Das and Anand Sinha co-founded in 2020 with the vision of creating a platform exclusively for women to help them grow professionally. It is a carefully curated members-only platform designed to bring superior networking opportunities.



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