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Creation of the Universe began with an Explosion - known as the Big Bang, and it triggered an unending process of Creation, Evolution & Growth. FIITJEE's Big Bang Edge Test much in the same way, will trigger a never-ending process of Intellectual Evolution, Creativity & Growth for students.

With top notch full-time faculty, pattern-proof study material, state of the art infrastructure, personalized coaching, innovative programs and researched unique teaching methodology, FIITJEE has become a household name. It has now become an established brand having consistently the best results year on year.

FIITJEE’s Big Bang Edge Test will be conducted across the country in Proctored Online Mode on 10th, 12th, 14th, 16th & 17th October 2021.Students can appear in the Big Bang Edge Test only once on any date convenient to them.

It is a unique platform for students aspiring all-round excellence as it will help students realize and maximize their current potential for National and International Level Competitive as well as Scholastic exams.

With Big Bang Edge Test, students will have a golden Opportunity to accelerate their preparation for JEE Main, JEE Advanced, BITSAT, Olympiads, KVPY, X & XII Boards, NTSE & Jr. Olympiads, without any break, impediments, and hurdles even amidst COVID pandemic.

In case, Students are aspiring for IIT, IISc, NIT & other Top Engineering Colleges in India or aiming for success in NTSE, X / XII Boards, KVPY, Sr. Olympiads & Jr. Science Olympiad, or having an inclination towards any stream – Arts / Commerce / Humanities / Medical or are interested to pursue a Career doing Bachelor’s in Science then FIITJEE’s Big Bang Edge Test can put them on the right suitable path to achieve their goals through FIITJEE’s Iconic & Life Changing Classroom & Integrated School Programs.

Academic excellence is what every student aspires for and looks forward to attaining the same. The test will showcase the student’s readiness reflected by single All India Rank Potential Index for the goals they aspire for, such as JEE (Main & Advanced), KVPY, Boards, BITSAT, NTSE, Senior and Junior Science Olympiads etc.

On Appearing in FIITJEE’s Big Bang Edge Test, a student will get the following unmatched academic benefits:

National Rank- Know their Position / Rank at National Level along with Rank Potential Index (RPI) for various Competitive & Scholastic Exams

Detailed Analysis-Get Detailed Analysis of their Current Readiness & what they need to do for the aspired Goal (studying at an IIT) as well as Intermediate Milestones (Jr. Olympiad, NTSE, X / XII Boards, KVPY, BITSAT, Olympiads)

Potential Evaluated-Get their Current IQ & Potential Evaluated*. Besides this, they will also get detailed Relative Performance Analysis across Subjects, Chapters & Concepts

Goal Setting-Get a Free Session of Goal Setting with the FIITJEE Experts to prepare a roadmap for their Optimum Success.

The exclusive benefits on joining a FIITJEE Classroom / Integrated School Program or

Live Online Classroom Program through Big Bang Edge Test-

Get Early Joining Academic Benefits - Make best use of the time. Immediately on joining a FIITJEE Program, students will start getting academic inputs for their immediate Goals through our Live Online Classes.

Get peace of mind & undivided focus–Students & their parents will have peace of mind with a realization of being with the Best Academic Team in the World.

Students will be paying the Lowest Fee for the session starting April 2022.

Please click the following link to know more on early joining academic benefits-

Only FIITJEE has the expertise to find the potential of a student for various Competitive Exams & give guidance to maximize the potential. We created the first IQ Test specific to Students’ potential in IIT-JEE (now JEE Advanced). Now we have tests for various classes to clearly unravel a student’s success potential for Competitive & Scholastic Exams.

‘Comprehending the severity of the students’ plight, we proactively and swiftly acted by making a transition from Offline classes to Live Online Classes. We kept student’s rare resource time and welfare uppermost in our mind and planned to run our Live Online Classes on the schedule, just like offline classes were meant to be. There was not even a single day wasted. The entire process also included orientation of our faculty to give its best through online teaching mode as they do in offline mode. Our students embraced our Live Online Classes with zeal deriving immense benefit and utmost satisfaction They could reap the benefits of our Live Online Classes and study efficiently. Through Big Bang Edge Test, classes for Early Joining Academic Benefits will start from November 2021.Usually, these classes are conducted in offline mode but if the situation does not improve then these classes will be conducted in Live Online mode. But there is nothing to worry since students will not lose even a single day and the classes will go on through Live Online Mode till normalcy is restored with offline classes resumed.’ Says Mr. R L Trikha, Director, FIITJEE Group.”

Like any other FIITJEE Admission test, this test is also a scholarship test. Details are available on

“Online registration can be done or download Big Bang Edge Test App on your mobile through Google Play Store.

For Registration through mobile, please visit

Student has to upload his / her unique ID (Aadhar card or proof of date of birth) at the time of registration.

Offline registration can also be done by filling the Registration Form and submitting it along with a unique ID (Aadhar card or proof of date of birth) at the nearest FIITJEE centre.

The Registration fee is Rs. 500/-.(inclusive of tax as applicable)

For details, students can visit or their nearest FIITJEE Centre.


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