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Source Sanjay Shah

New Delhi: “It is a great pleasure to talk to every artist and know more about their art, way of thinking and under what circumstances they have actually created that particular painting. I can understand that a painting is the reflection of your thinking and feelings of that time. It also shows the characteristics of the painter,” expressed Sandeep Marwah while inaugurating the exhibition of paintings by different artist titled ‘Voice of Intersoul’ at Open Palm Courts, India Habitat Centre.

“This is the first exhibition which has taken place in India Habitat Centre after eighteen months under norms and conditions. We have senior and upcoming artists. There is a new excitement among all of us,” said Iqbal Krishan curator of the exhibition.

“These exhibitions bring lots of enthusiasm and closeness among the people. They are also the representation of art and culture of the Nation,” said Naresh Sirohi  Former National Vice President of the Bharatiya Janata Party Kisan Morcha.

Christina Dipamoni, Lakshmi Khwairakpam, Manish Pandey, Neeraj Sharma, Neha Bisht, Niharika Agarwal, Manjeet, Maria Margarita, Sashrika Prasad, Shreya Ahuja, Shubham Malav, Sonam Gupta, Subtara Bose, Swati Sanil Sahu, Swapan Roy presented their works in the exhibition.



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