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Emoha Elder Care, an elder-tech care and a community-based comprehensive platform enabling elders to age with grace and relevance, announced the culmination of its ten week long #Eldersfirstfestival which commenced on 15th June 2021 and is concluding on the eve of World Senior Citizen’s day, slated for 21st August 2021.

The 50 days festival offered much-needed relief to the elderly by inviting them to be a part of one-of-a-kind #ElderHour virtual events that took place from Tuesdays till Saturdays every week at 07:25 pm on its platform. Since the launch of the festival, a host of leading names representing the corporate world, high profile Bollywood celebrities, entertainers including musicians, singers, comedians, renowned doctors and versatile medical practitioners have participated in these events. With the sole objective to engage with the elderly, entertain them, offer a community platform and  cater to their unique needs, Emoha Elder Care focused on making this festival a great success by touching many hearts and creating memories for a lifetime. This was an online only festival and it is equally heartening to see how comfortable elders are with ZOOM.

The first guest on this festival was Arjun Malhotra, Co-Founder, HCL Group, next up was a hilarious session led by Jeeveshu Ahluwalia, a stand-up comedian, Sharmila Tagore and Soha Ali Khan captured some beautiful moments, sharing their bond and fond memories of growing up, Tripat Singh, a 75-year-old “Insta-famous” fitness enthusiast who took to a vegan diet around two years ago, was all out to inspire the elderly.

Commenting on the thought behind organising this festival, Saumyajit Roy, Co-Founder and CEO, Emoha Elder Care said, “What better day to bring an end to this virtual festival than World Senior Citizen’s day. The larger objective of this festival was to offer an engaging platform and address the needs and aspirations of important cohort of population — the senior citizens – the ones who have survived two deadly COVID waves. This is a generation elders who are active smartphone users, connecting with each other on virtual platforms such as Zoom, fast becoming adaptive to using varied apps for their everyday needs. This is also the generation whose children have stepped out of their homes to work in other cities, and as a result of which most of them are empty nesters.”

Saumyajit added, “This festival is a classic example of how a brand can innovate and engage with its target audience with a cause. We used a great combination of leveraging our social media platforms to create the much needed buzz to invite more and more elders to sign in and be a part of these virtual experiences. It is important to note that this cohort has been receptive to technological advancements, tech-led products and services for a while now. However, the COVID 19 pandemic has catapulted this technology adoption and pushed more and more elders to embrace it wholeheartedly. With these initiatives, we are attempting to make tiny steps to enable behavioural change; move the needle to treat elders with dignity. The festival has turned into a massive success and is received well among key stakeholders – elders, brands”.

As a part of a host of online sessions, the platform dabbled with varied topics such as COVID recovery and rehabilitation, emotional wellness and elders, how to think of architectural design for aging, 110 ideas to stay active, managing properties and planning for financial wellness to name a few. It also involved carefully curated sessions around health, gaming nights, Sufi night and Saturday night specials.

The platform now has plans to make this an annual property to engage with elders and likeminded brands to spread the message of urgency to cater to elders’ cohort and look beyond healthcare alone.


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