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With the United Nations (UN) announcing a Code Red for Humanity with respect to climate change, GoingZero, the #ZeroWaste Store co-founded by Environmentalist and Green Crusader awardee, Sagar Singh, has announced that India's largest marketplace for 1,000 plus zero-plastic, eco-conscious vegan products with reusable plastic packaging, now offers FREE shipping and plastic-free delivery as part of its special Independence Day offer.

GoingZero, the #ZeroWaste Store, also offers 100% Cruelty Free with No Animal Products or No Animal Testing. The website also runs on clean energy servers.

Customers can shop in various categories such as Home Essentials, Daily Use, Skin/ Hair Care, Zero Waste Kit, Travel, Bathroom Essentials and Festival among others. The daily care products include tooth powder, aloe vera gel, wood comb and tea leaves strainer. Travellers can shop for Explorer's Essentials online at the best prices. GoingZero recently launched edible spoons (super crunchy and tasty) by ThinkEarth.

Sagar Singh, co-founder, GoingZero, says, “With the United Nations announcing Code Red for Humanity on the climate change front, it is time for a paradigm change in vendor and consumer behaviour. GoingZero values and encourages plastic-free, cruelty-free and chemical-free, vegan, zero-waste products. We serve to bring all eco-friendly businesses that serve nature, together, at a common platform, for conscious customers to buy quality products. Going Zero came into being to provide a conscious, eco-friendly alternative to people who opt for a zero-waste lifestyle.”

As a brand, GoingZero aims to bring together such conscious brave-hearts, by offering a common international sustainable marketplace for conscious buyers. It comprises a team of environmentally conscious millennials, belonging from different regions of the country, functioning remotely, flagging the idea of minimizing resource wastage.

GoingZero aims to minimize our negative impact on the earth and care for our wildlife and Mother Earth to keep humane empathy alive. It outlines its mission as: Reducing waste; Making sustainable products accessible to one and all; and promoting handcrafted, cruelty-free products which incur zero damage to the environment.



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