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Source Sanjay Shah

Dubai 31st July:  AAFT University of Media and Arts India has been adjudged as the best film, television and media university at the international level as declared by the management of UAE Bedazzeled Awards in association with The Diplomat Business Club at Hotel Le Meridien Dubai recently.

UAE Bridal Makeup and Bedazzeled Awards is a platform to showcase the makeup artists, hairstylist, designers, live performers, beauty/ fashion brands & Product launches, celebrity awards, talents in the beauty, fashion and  lifestyle industry.

The pioneer behind bringing Bedazzled Events to life is Dr. Mansoor Al Obeidli, his company has been instrumental in hosting events for almost a decade now. The founder has created a platform for honouring and felicitating the talents who have time and again proved their prowess by showcasing out of the box creativity.

“I am thankful to Dr. Mansoor Obeidli and his associates for nominating AAFT University of Media and Arts as best Film University. It is a coincidence that the award has been announced on 22nd July, the day when we have completed twenty eight years in film, television and media education,” thanked Dr. Sandeep Marwah Chancellor of the University.



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