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WIN is taking forward the conversation on Youth Empowerment, on July 29th, 2021, at 4:00 PM. In collaboration with the U.S. Embassy, New Delhi, WIN presents to you an exceptional panel discussion with some India’s female change-makers and trailblazers such as Prachi Tehlan - former captain of the Indian Netball Team, basketball player and actress; Roma Narsinghani - Reputed product consultant, jewellery designer and co-founder of Future Collective India; Shruti Seth - Indian actress, television host and video jockey; Gitanjali Babbar - founder and director of the non-profit, Kat-Katha and TEDx speaker; Meghana Ghai Puri – Educationalist, President of Whistling Woods Organization; and Stuti Jalan-founder of Women Inspiring Network.

The discussion aims to give some fresh new outlooks and stances with respect to Youth empowerment. The session will also shed light on matters, such as social media being a magnanimous medium that's letting people have a voice and take charge of their lives, what the future hold for the digital wave of empowerment among the youth today, etc. The youth of the nation can surely #BeTheChange once they begin to recognize the power of their voice. Each panelist will bring forth a unique perspective to the table.

Prachi Tehlan is an Indian netball and basketball player, and an actress. Prachi is the former captain of the Indian Netball Team which represented India in the 2010 Commonwealth Games and in other major Asian Championships in 2010-11.

Roma Narsinghani is a reputed jewelry designer, founder of the fashion label: Roma Narsinghani as well as co-founder of Future Collective India.

Shruti Seth is an Indian actress and video jockey. Having begun her career as the television show host, she gained wider recognition with her comedic roles in several television shows and the Hindi film industry.

Gitanjali Babbar is the founder and director of a non-profit named Kat-Katha, which works to empower and liberate sex workers in brothels of the largest re- light area known as G.B. Road of Delhi. She has been a TEDx speaker and is also a former Amazing Indian awardee at Times Now.

Meghana Ghai Puri is a passionate educationalist and is the President of Whistling Woods Organization, which is a reputed film, communication, and creative arts institute. Her mission is to fulfil her father's vision to build the best film school in the world.

Stuti Jalan runs one of India's most niche and upcoming public relations as well as social media companies called Crosshairs Communications. She was just 23 years old when she founded the organization. The company has grown since its inception through strategic and effective planning fused with innovative ideas and leadership. She is also the founder of Women Inspiring Network, which is an NPO and an inspirational storytelling network to connect aspiring woman leaders from different walks of life.

Stuti Jalan states that "Youth empowerment is absolutely imperative. I believe that if the youth possess the requisite strength and dynamism, they'll arise and act to generate a quantum transformation in the society. It would be intriguing to discuss this further with such renowned panelists on board."

Margaret MacLeod, Cultural and Educational Affairs Deputy, U.S. Embassy, New Delhi Quotes:

‘The U.S. government sees youth not just as beneficiaries but as leaders and partners in finding solutions to our shared challenges. We value their engagement on economic development and social encouragement of their involvement. The generational impact of COVID-19 on economic development has made youth voices more important than ever.’

This insightful, in-depth session highlighting the need for and the essence of empowering the youth of the country will be broadcasted across social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.



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