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OBEETEE, a socially conscious brand that has made commitments for the social, economic, and environmental impact on the community, brings Social Fabric 2.0 - Weaves of Solidarity auction after the success of the first edition last year. Behind every masterpiece is the soul of a master craftsman, the hands that tie every knot with their heart in it. To celebrate, honor, and safeguard these hands, OBEETEE takes another step towards the betterment of their people and their families. With the motive of Bid for Art to sustain Craft, OBEETEE is organizing an e-auction on which will start from 10th June 2021 and will be month-long bidding with the results to be announced by the mid of July 2021.

OBEETEE focuses on creating a symbiotic relationship with nature, human craftsmanship & life. Speaking on the Weaves of Solidarity auction, Ms. Angelique Dhama, CEO, OBEETEE shares, “Weavers are our family and the Weaves of Solidarity is the faith to sustain the livelihood of Mirzapur weavers. As a company, we have always taken the initiative that is in the best interest of our family, and abiding by the same we are back with Social Fabric 2.0 – Weaves of Solidarity auction. It is an initiative inspired by an abiding passion to celebrate the creator and to turn the spotlight on the hands behind the art. And in doing so revealing what you bid for, transforms a life even as it passes the craft onto the next generation into continuity. We strongly stand with our weaves and aim to support them in the best manner in these difficult times “.

Recalling the last E-Auction, Ms Dhama further adds,” We raised approximately 10 Lakhs rupees from the Social Fabric Auction back in June 2020. These funds were utilized towards the welfare of the artisans and weaver’s community through Donation to Project Mala to encourage education and even carpets were donated to them, Women Weaving Centres for Women Empowerment, and donations to OBEETEE Foundation for rural development that also included sanitation of the villagers for which we built 2 more toilets at Village Chakrajarampur and Tiwaripur. Also, to cope with the Covid19 impact and to safeguard the villagers, PPE Kits and Food Packages were distributed. We look forward to this year also being a success and aim at helping out our people and their families as much as we can through this auction.”

Weaves of Solidarity offers to bid on OBEETEE carpet and as you bid, it unveils the lore of the exotic designs and flips to reveal the storied lineage each weaver narrates. It also gives an opportunity to know the weaver closely as one can get to see and hear how the generations of these weavers have been making the carpets for the royal durbars of great kings, the Diwan-e-Khas of Shahenshahs, and so on. In essence, it is the story of art being carried forward for generations that resonate, gives a sense of purpose and authenticity to the initiative supported and funded by OBEETEE.


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