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MacAndro has come upon with an announcement that they are offering covid19 contact tracking & tracing mobile apps across the globe, right from government, public sectors to private companies to secure their people and employees to stay away from coronavirus.

As an award winning mobile app development company, MacAndro has already contributed majorly for the healthcare industries by providing high functioning health & fitness apps which are available in the popular app stores. With further, to help the people worldwide to battle against this deadly COVID19 disease, they are providing COVID19 contact tracing app development services of the government and companies who are looking to ensure their people and employees safety.

What is Contact tracing & tracking app?

Contact tracing app is a mobile app that helps its users to stay away from disease contact. These apps also notifies the user if a infected person is getting close contact with the user(if infected person also installs the app).

Moreover these contact tracking and tracing apps allows its users to track themselves whether they are infected or not without undergoing the test.

Our Unique Features in the COVID19 Contact Tracing App

1. COVID Self Tracking

2. Infected Person Alert Notification

3. Daily Travel Details

4. Route Guider

5. Background Assessment

6. Trip Dairy


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