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Offered by The Gonda Multidisciplinary Brain Research Center, Bar-Ilan University, the MSc. in Brain Sciences provides an advance,comprehensive multidisciplinary training with hands-on research experience in brain studies. The program equips students to spearhead research in academia, the industry and in clinical environments.

Structured such that the program is personally adapted to each student based on their academic background and scientific interests.Well-equipped with a wide variety of laboratories, the program exposes students to advanced research technologies and engages in basic brain science, as well as in clinical trials.

Students of the program are required to take on Preparatory/Supplementary courses along with at least four Core courses. While the Preparatory/Supplementary courses are based on a student’s specific academic background, the Core courses include modules on Computation, Biology and Cognitive Science.

Program delivery

Taught in English, the program is a unique 2-year MScprogram.The program compromises of two main elements: completion of the courses and a thesis work.Students of the program are required to participate in activities including:

Short-term research project of one semester in one of the labs.

Participation in a department seminar.

Elective courses - every year, a variety of electives courses are offered by the Center’s researchers, providing an opportunity for students to increase their knowledge and skills in a range of research topics.

Admission process:

Students applying to the program are required to register at the university website and parallelly send an application to with their CV, undergraduate transcript and degree, recommendation letter and a purpose of statement. They can check the complete admission process here at:


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