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Commuters on Mumbai’s Madh Marve Road were in for a surprise when they found themselves face to face with none other than Yamraj – the God of death!

The Resort, Mumbai undertook a unique initiative wherein a volunteer dressed up as Yamraj directly confronted drivers and motorists if they were found violating traffic rules. The campaign purported that if a driver or a rider was thinking of violating traffic rules, they were stopped by the Lord of Death, Yamraj himelf! Yamraj, did not just stop motorists, he also appealed to them to follow traffic rules! He also got assurance from people that they will not violate traffic rules and will care for their safety.

The Resort launched this unique initiative in a creative manner to spread road safety awareness and to educate people on the many fatalities that occur if rules are not followed. A novel idea, and one that immediately grabbed attention, the campaign seemed to be successful in making drivers think before they violated traffic rules. Road safety is among one of the major concerns of Mumbai’s traffic police. Time and again, the police have come out with campaigns on road safety, yet people end up breaking traffic rules.

When he stopped people, ‘Yamraj’ also ensured that he made them aware about various traffic rules like the use of helmets for two-wheeler riders, use of seat-belts for four-wheeler drivers, safe distance between vehicles, use of indicators, not using mobile phone while driving or riding vehicles and avoiding over-speeding.

A little distance away from where Yamraj stood, there were also boards with slogans written on them that ranged from Yamraj ko dekh ke darr gaye kya to Aapka waqt abhi khatam nahi hua, gaadi dheere chalaiye and Wear helmet, wear seat belt to Ghar pe koi app ka intezar kar raha hai, drive slow.

Talking about the initiative, Satyajit Kotwal, The Resort said, “The common psychology is that people are likely to refrain from an act if they are truly afraid of repercussions. Police try their best to warn people and make them aware about following traffic safety rules. But we thought the face of Yamraj will haunt them the next time they violate traffic rules on the road.I think we were quite successful in making people aware through this campaign.”


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