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The Coaching Federation of India (CFI) conducted a seminar on 7th February 2021 at Palamu in Jharkhand, due to the sudden death of Shri Uttam Kumar, a private teacher. During the seminar, Mr Alok Dixit, National General Secretary, CFI, delivered a cheque amounting Rs. 51,000/- to Mrs Sanju Devi, Mother of Late Shri Uttam Kumar, for assisting the family to take care of the current expenses. Besides, CFI has also promised to bear the expenses of all the coaching fees of his younger brother & sisters.

At this event, Mr Niranjan Mehata (President of Palamu coaching association), Mr Manoj Kr. Singh (State vice president of CFI), State Vice President, Mr Ritesh Singh, Mr Vinay Kumar, Dr Ravindra Viswakarma, Mr Manoj Kumar and other officials of Jharkhand and Bihar coaching association along with the members of Coaching federation of India with its committee were also present.

Speaking at the seminar, Mr. Alok Dixit, General Secretary of Coaching Federation of India said, “The COVID-19 disruption has severely impacted the education sector with teachers not getting full salary while the revenue model of others has been dented. As the overall economy has sunk, people’s incomes have gone down too. This has proven to be another obstacle for many parents and they are scared of sending their children to coaching centres or private tuitions; which has adversely impacted the livelihoods of private teachers. This is a small initiative from CFI to help these teachers and their families in the times of distress.”

Keeping the plight of private teachers in mind, Mr Alok Dixit, Mr Satendra Katiyar (National Vice president, CFI) and Mr Prathiteswar Jha (National general Joint secretary, CFI) have decided to carve a solid and clear cut strategy to improve the confidence level of private teachers at Palamu and provide them with solid support in these difficult times.


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