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The world has rapidly changed since the pandemic, and many industry sectors could face recession. SFM (Six Figure Mentor) helps people during challenging situations with excellent digital marketing training and top digital marketing mentors in 2021.


Life is getting more challenging since the COVID 19 pandemic began. Many business sectors are affected and resulting in their workers losing their jobs and becoming unemployed. Being unemployed is not easy nowadays, as many business sectors closed their door for new job vacancies. When people can’t make money in a pandemic situation, it’s getting harder for them, as there are many responsibilities to be met, such as paying rent for houses, paying taxes, even fulfilling daily needs, such as food and other necessities. SFM (Six Figure Mentor), with its effective and comprehensive digital marketing training, helps people in pandemic emergencies with new skills they can learn from the comfort of their home. 

There is a phenomenon during a pandemic, where people use the internet more often as a means to work, study and shop. Based on the recent study, there’s been an increase in online sales. People are shopping online rather than coming directly to the market or restaurant to prevent transmission of the Covid 19. Additionally, over the last few months, people have already spent over 3,4 trillion to shop online. SFM representative explained, “There are huge opportunities on the internet if you know how to make money on the internet. With SFM (Six Figure Mentor) and team, you can learn and enhance digital training income skills to grow in this current climate.”

SFM (Six Figure Mentor) offers digital marketing programs for everyone who wants to grow their internet marketing skills, selling both digital or physical products. The training is created with proper methods and comprehensive digital marketing materials such as tools, guidance, training, and support. Thus, everyone can follow the tutorials easily from anywhere with unlimited access. People can learn the training from their smartphones, television, PC, and tablets.  




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