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Harbor Light Hospice, an Oregon Hospice Agency, has recently released a new educational resource that focuses on providing some useful tips on how to talk to children about death. The new article is guided by the hospice care experts at Harbor Light who are experts in the field of compassionate and thoughtful communication with those reaching the end of life. They have created this new article to help those looking for help with how to approach this difficult subject to get the guidance they need.

Harbor Light offers readers some valuable information regarding how to talk to children about dealing with death and what to say in this hard situation. In the article, the team at Harbor Light provides some helpful tips to use including telling the truth, being prepared for the different reactions, sharing harsh information in small doses, and being comfortable saying that you don't know. Harbor Light's caring and compassionate team of experts understand this is not an easy thing to do, but hope that these tips will help make it easier when you find yourself in this crucial situation.

While this new article focuses on explaining the details of how to properly talk to children about death, Harbor Light Hospice's website provides visitors with more information regarding their team, experience, as well as a full list of service offerings. Harbor Light Hospice offers hospice care services that can handle conditions including ALS, cancer, dementia, Alzheimer's, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, lung disease, neurological disorders, and more. The team at Harbor Light Hospice is dedicated to helping provide their patients with compassionate care and giving them the best quality of life that they can.

With the addition of this new article, the team at Harbor Light Hospice hopes that readers will have a better understanding of how to approach the difficult task of speaking to children about death.


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