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Udaipur: Indian Institute of Management Udaipur Incubation Center (IIMUIC) announced applications for Pre-Incubation Program 2020 with the vision of transforming entrepreneurial ideas into a reality and building successful ventures. The program will run for ten weeks, starting from January 3rd, 2021. It will provide a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to work on their ideas.

COVID-19 has hit businesses and entrepreneurs alike and affected their ideas even before they had a chance to work on them. In such a scenario, this program of IIMUIC is aimed at empowering budding and aspiring entrepreneurs with an entrepreneurial mindset and business skills necessary to create their own venture from ground-up. Additionally, they will also develop intrapreneurship skills, and get them started on the venture journey.

On this development, Suresh Dhaka, COO, IIMU IC said, “At IIM Udaipur, entrepreneurship is one of the key building blocks. We endeavour to have a positive impact on the world of business through our curriculum efforts on entrepreneurship. We want to foster innovation and create a socially responsible impact.”

“This is not a theoretical program – you will actually start your venture and build it as you progress through this program,” she added.

The program structure includes generating and selecting ideas; forming and developing a team; creating and validating the business model; building and testing MVP; achieving a product-solution-market fit; raising and spending seed capital; identifying and managing partnerships; and acquiring and keeping customers, as well as scaling the business.

Important Dates

November 24th 2020

Applications Open

December 24th 2020

Applications Close

January 3rd 2021

Program Starts

Week 3 March 2021

Program Ends

Week 3 March 2021

Graduation Day

The latest program is sector-agnostic and is supported by Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Wadhwani Foundation and Saksham- The Entrepreneurship Cell of IIM Udaipur. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the program will be held virtually.


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