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Dreaming of a successful admission in India’s best government funded college or university by cracking the JEE exam? Well, students who hail from the city of Vadodara have two keys of cracking the JEE exam in first attempt – guidance from top JEE coaching class in Vadodara and preparing for JEE with practical tips. 

To help aspiring students preparing for the JEE exam, here is a list of 8 practical tips to crack the JEE exam in first attempt. This list of 8 practical tips to crack the JEE exam in first attempt is compiled by RJ Vision – a well-known JEE entrance coaching in Vadodara. 

Map the JEE Syllabus

Please understand, for a holistic preparation for JEE exam, both NCERT and reference books must be given equal focus. Don’t stick to one. 

Take guidance    

The JEE exam pattern, schedule and syllabus keep changing. It is important for students from the city of Vadodara preparing for the JEE exam to seek guidance from best JEE coaching in Vadodara. 

Learn time management

The JEE main spans for three hours and covers three sections. Follow a diligent time management practice to ensure you complete the paper on the final exam day. 

Solve old papers

Aspiring JEE students must practice old JEE papers up to three years. This is a good practice recommended by RJ Vision – one of the best JEE classes in Vadodara. 

Understand your weak areas 

Every student has one weak area/chapter/subject in JEE preparation. Don’t avoid your weak area in JEE preparation. Focus and spend more time on it for improvement. 

Take breaks

Continuous studying often affects student health before JEE exam day. Ensure you take healthy breaks for bath, recreation, family time and meals.

Appear for mock tests

Best JEE classes in Vadodara like RJ Vision conducts mock tests for JEE exam. Appear for such mock tests for a practical understanding about your preparation status in the JEE exam. 

Self-discipline and motivation is key

It’s only when a student puts in their 100% in the JEE exam preparation that success is certain. Adhere by self-discipline and motivation during JEE exam preparation. 



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