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In earlier years, health was never a priority to think about. Today the Pandemic has realized the importance of our lives. And how healthy living is the utmost critical mission. The numbers of the cases are scary, and the susceptibility to stay indoors is out of the question. Imagine healthy people like us are having an emotional roller coaster handling the lockdown and the minor panic attacks even if we have viral or a sneeze. How are the depressed people fighting mental health issues must be managing? Yes, we see many people on social media saying, 'call me if you feel lonely or depressed.' But do they even have professional knowhow to handle the situation if it goes complex? Or any medication for urgent situations? What if the person is addicted to any harmful and hazardous habit or element?

We always have a backup of Paracetamol or Crocin, Vicks, Dettol or Savlon, Bandaid, Moov or Volini, Soframycin, or Betadine. During the Pandemic, we have added many things in the list of essential medication products like Thermometer, Oximeter, Chavanprash, Steam Machine, and the list could go on to how much a person or a family would want to take self-care for routine treatment. Shouldn't we have a backup medication for depression and addiction? Don't you sometimes feel there should be a medicine for a panic attack? Or if someone is going through a massive addiction and can't control his intake, it might worsen if he didn't intake cigarettes, drugs, or alcohol. It was okay until now. Research shows maximum attacks, suicides, and death due to depression and addiction since the Pandemic. But do we have any medicines which could get all this in control? Nicotine patch or the tablet is also ineffective when it comes to anxiety, alcohol, or drugs.

There are so many drugs-related videos and tweets spreading all over more towards the more affluent society segment. Is it because of the avoidance of the parents or the unawareness of the medicine? Rajasthan Aushadhalay is prescribed by the doctors and not available in the medicals as they are various products that can treat a variety of mental health and addiction problems. 

Dr. Sattar Diwan, Director of Rajasthan Aushadhalay Pvt Ltd., states, "Drugs are not only the problem of the rich class, but the rich could find a remedy for the same. We at RAPL have started an initiative that has tirelessly and successfully been involved in the National Campaign of "Nasha Mukti" (De-addiction) and other Specialised Treatment Centre for chronic illness for the past 64 years."

Dr. Sattar Diwan further adds, "The depression of Sushant Singh Rajput was because of drug intake, as we have personally seen so many cases similar to this. A person with an addiction should not be kept alone or ignored. No one thinks that a drug addict can do self-harm as no one can understand the harmful pain to the essential parts of the body. Again, he was successful and wealthy, but what must be the poor's pain whose child is addicted to any drug? That's why we have kept our rates affordable, which can even be bought by a layman. 

Well-known brands are known for less effective and expensive products/medicines, but Rajasthan Aushdhalaya is forever known for curing the root cause of the consumer's health-related issues, and also the products provided by them has a good shelf life so that it can be used for a more extended period with less expense and more health. They have a high success rate from ages to be loyal with their consumers by providing them medicines related to weight loss, weight gain, asthma, joint pain, diabetes, de-addiction, and some life-threatening diseases like heart problems and cancer. They're known as the brand which swears by wellness over sickness always. One should try to heal their bodies through something natural and herbal instead rely on something with chemicals in it, causing damage to your body. 

Several chemical-based products in the market include many cosmetics and medicines, which can be hazardous to one's health and lifestyle. People are switching their modern needs and trying to rely on ayurvedic medications for a couple of years now. One such ayurvedic and herbal medicine that people trust is Rajasthan Aushdhalaya for their commitment to serving people with nature and no chemical-based products for almost 64 years now. The products are also being purchased internationally as people abroad are also in fewer chemicals and more natural products. Ayurvedic and herbal medicines are made up of several things available to us by nature itself and are feasible to all body types and hence give a person relief from the illnesses in no time, and it also has permanent effects on the human body. Why invest in the costliest medicines that provide more side effects and less good health when we can switch to 100% natural and herbal?


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